Living the Call Together in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic

A Ministry of The Alliance


  • Praise the Lord for graduation ceremony held on April 7th,  when 23 graduated from the Theological Education by Extension program,  and nine students finished their studies in the Alliance Bible Institute.  Also, there were three students who received a Masters degree from FATELA.  Dr. Francisco Cerron from Peru,  the dean of FATELA who was here teaching a course, had the privilege of giving these students their diplomas.
  • Pray for a Youth Leadership Conference being held April 15-16 in Santo Domingo.  Pray for the National Church youth committee as they continue to plan and prepare for the seminar to train and teach Dominican young people.
  • Pray for a teacher training seminar for children's ministry being held in Santo Domingo April 23rd.
  • Pray for Miguel and Yngrid Grassals, missionaries who have been sent sent out from the Dominican Republic to Panama.  Praise God for answering prayer, as God is leading them to spiritually hungry people.  They have three cell groups meeting in their home and hope to oficially begin church services in July.  Praise the Lord they have their Provisional Residency.  Pray for two couples that are going to Lima to participate in a Marriage Encounter (ALMA).
  • Pray that the Dominican Alliance churches will continue to support their first overseas missionary couple in prayer and financial giving.
  • The Punta Cana Alliance Church weekly home meetings have expanded to a new third community.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit would minister in significant and intimate ways to those who will attend.
  • International workers, Stutlers and Woods, desire that Alianza Church in Punta Cana would raise up more disciples for the furtherance of His kingdom in Punta Cana and beyond.
  • Pray for three churches in Santo Domingo, and the Punta Cana Alliance that are preparing to begin Discovery Land ministry for children soon.
  • Pray for the Dominican National Church Mission’s Committee – that God would give them wisdom, direction and a clear vision to reach the lost beyond their own borders and around the world. Several young adults feel God’s call to foreign missions. Pray that they won’t get discouraged while pursuing God’s direction for their lives.  Pray that passionate individuals and churches would make it a priority to take the light of the Gospel to regions in spiritual darkness.  Praise the Lord for the National Church Mission's Director, Griselda.  Pray for her as she works with the mission’s committee to educate, challenge and guide our churches into becoming a sending church.
  • Praise the Lord for a good semester of classes in the Alliance Bible Institute and Theological Education by Extension.   Pray for the students of the Alliance Bible Institute (ABI) as they are in classes once again. Praise the Lord for the five different areas of the country where classes are being held. Praise the Lord for the pastors and lay workers who voluntarily teach the classes each week. Pray for wisdom, guidance and direction for the Christian Education director, Rosa, and for the Bible Institute Director, Juan.

  • Praise God for answered prayer for the Encounter Church, in finding a better place to meet, and for the ministry of Pastor Segundo Llanos and his wife Patty.