Living the Call Together in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic

A Ministry of The Alliance

Our three prioritized objectives are:

  • Church Planting
  • Leadership Development and Education
  • Connecting and Resourcing through the use of Short Term Missions work teams and strategic partnerships

Our core values are:

  • Depending — We will depend on God and His Word, making prayer a priority.
  • Connecting — We will creatively connect with lost people to help them connect with God.
  • Modeling — We will model integrity and facilitate holistic transformation.
  • Empowering — We will empower others through intentional training and mentoring to attain excellence in leadership.
  • Team work — We will be loyal to one another, support each other’s efforts and care for each other, both personally and professionally.
  • Risk Taking — We will step out in faith, willing to take risks as the Lord leads.

The purpose of the C&MA Mission is to come alongside of the Dominican C&MA National Church. Together we seek to accelerate the Alliance's development by: 1) prioritizing church plants among professionals; 2) preparing church leaders in godly character, ministry skills and knowledge; and 3) through facilitating short term mission trips that focus on strategic Dominican C&MA projects.

Our ministries include:

  • Church Planting
  • Marriage Encounter (ALMA)
  • Alliance Bible Institute
  • Theological Education by Extension
  • Short Term Missions

Church Planting

The Alliance is convinced that one of the greatest ways we can impact the Dominican Republic for Christ is by planting churches. As local bodies of national believers are raised up, they, in turn, can invest in the lives of those around them, sharing the life-changing power and hope that only come through Jesus Christ.  The Dominican National Church has asked the Mission to specifically target the professional class with the Gospel, the least reached of the Dominican population. Three churches have been planted with a professional class focus, the newest being the Punta Cana Alianza church that was launched in 2011.

  • Alianza (Punta Cana Village)
  • Iglesia de Células El Encuentro (Santo Domingo)
  • Casa de Bendición (Santo Domingo)

Leadership Development and Education

Foremost among the C&MA’s objectives in the Dominican Republic is the training of pastors and lay leaders who will give solid direction to the churches that have been planted. Students receive a balanced curriculum of Bible, theology, and practical courses through the Alliance Bible Institute (ABI) and the six levels of Theological Education by Extension (TEE).  Approximately 15 students are involved in FATELA, the Alliance's Latin American online and on-site MA  degree program.

As our team of international workers begins the five-year transition plan (initiated in 2011), it is exciting to see that the Dominican National Church's Christian Education Department leadership and the majority of the professors are Dominican. The Alliance Bible Institute has also begun the process of accreditation.  Please pray for Juan Alejandro Mane, Director of the Alliance Bible Institute, and for Rosa Francia, Director of Christian Education.