Living the Call Together in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic

A Ministry of The Alliance

As we are Living the Call Together, you can have a part by giving. Below are various options for you to financially support Alliance ministries here in the Dominican Republic.

Great Commission Fund

The monthly support for the cost of living allowance for each international worker, and also the field operating budget for our ministries here are paid through the Great Commission Fund (GCF). Learn more about the GCF, or make a contribution now.

Work Specials

Gifts can be designated specifically for the work of a certain person. These funds would be used for a specified project related to their ministry such as literature or equipment purchases that are not normally in the budget. If you wish to contribute in this way please mark the gift, "For the Work of (name of worker AND country)", or click below by the name of the international worker  to make a contribution now.

Approved Specials

There are some operating and ministry expenses that are not included in the field budgets, that are supported through "approved specials".  If you desire to contribute now you can click on the name of the approved special below, and proceed to a secure online giving site. 

Dominican Republic Field – Approved Specials

Punta Cana Church Plant Project

Two missionary couples (the Climies and the Stutlers) are preparing to launch a new church plant in Punta Cana.  The goal is to establish a cell church, and they hope to begin a ministry center for this community which has no evangelical church.  Having such a center, however, will require a huge leap of faith. They are presently looking at the possibility of renting commercial space in a brand new building. It is an ideal location for a ministry center in Punta Cana. The cost of living is very high in Punta Cana and so are commercial rentals. Furnishing the center also will be very costly.  Punta Cana is a very unique community. They believe that the way to reach the families who live in the area is by using creative methods to provide meaningful services and activities. Through this ministry center, they desire to bring enrichment and hope aimed at meeting specific felt needs of the people, thus connecting them to Christ.

Encounter Cell Church

The Encounter Cell Church has moved to a new location on one of the main avenues of the city.  This growing church is reaching out to many new people, through cell group ministries and those who attend the church on Sunday mornings.  Your gifts to the approved special will help with the high costs of renting the present facility, purchasing furniture and equipment that is needed, and as the church seeks to find a permanent location that could be purchased.

Central Alliance Church
The Central Alliance Church is located in Santo Domingo on the Avenida de las Americas, which is the main thoroughfare of the city.  This church which has over 500 people attending, is expanding it’s building, and has plans to remodel for greater capacity.  They already have 2042 square meters of property, with enough space for a large church building, parking and education facility.  They have an effective outreach in Evangelism Explosion.  Your gifts to this approved special will be an investment in this strategic site.  

Church Bldg/Center/S Dom
The House of Blessing Church is a growing congregation that has an effective ministry in ALMA (Marriage Encounters).  They have been meeting in the church building of a Chinese Baptist congregation, holding their Sunday services in the evening.  They are looking for their own property and building where they can meet, and need help financially to be able to purchase a place of their own where they can meet.  Praise the Lord that the church is taking a step of faith and has made an offer on a Baptist Church because they have outgrown their facilities and are moving. Pray that God would honor the member’s faith of House of Blessing and that all the monies will come in and the people will see the hand of God moving in their midst. The down payment is US$330,000.

Marriage Encounter
An Evangelistic and Marriage enrichment ministry through the "Marriage Encounter Weekend" retreats. This project provides scholarships for couples who need financial assistance in order to attend the weekend.

Bible Institute
The Alliance Bible Institute is providing training to prepare future Dominican pastors and leaders. Currently there are 54 students studying in three different centers located at Alliance churches in both Santo Domingo and Santiago.   There are financial needs to provide equipment, to purchase books and help as the Bible Institute seeks to develop and grow.

Theological Education by Extension classes in the six levels are held in many churches throughout the country.  There are 18 different centers with 228 students enrolled.  Help is needed in covering the increased cost of providing the books that are needed.

FATELA Scholarships
Several Dominican pastors and their wives are beginning to study in this modular program online, featuring a solid academic curriculum with major emphasis on immediate practical application. Upon successful completion, a Master's degree in Pastoral Studies is awarded.  There are modular courses that last six weeks.  Financial help is needed to provide scholarships, to help in this program to provide well prepared pastors and professors for the Bible institute.

Evangelism Follow-up Literature

Evangelism Training


Work Specials:

Bruce and Becky Dyke Contribute to Work Fund

John and Colleen Schleh Contribute to Work Fund

Valerie Stellrecht Contribute to Work Fund

Zac and Julie Stutler Contribute to Work Fund

Brad and Dorothy Wood Contribute to Work Fund